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Our History

Five Generations of Caring Since 1889


The name Phillips Funeral Home has for many years been considered synonymous with competence and caring in the funeral industry. Our reputation is built upon five generations of family commitment to the community we serve.


This commitment is deeply rooted in the work ethic and values of our founder, James Phillips Sr. Mr. Phillips began business as a combination furniture and undertaking operation in the late 1800s. Insistence upon the highest standard of quality and professionalism was the well-known trait of the Phillips family. These qualities have successfully been handed down for over five generations.

James Phillips Sr.


Mrs. James Phillips Sr.


 Ada Phillips


Forrest Phillips


Richard O. Phillips


Evelyn Phillips


Richard Phillips


Andrea Phillips


Rachael Phillips


Ashley Phillips Lauren Phillips  


Today, we take pride in our business and continue to adhere to the values and principles of our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers and great-great grandfathers. The funeral home is proudly the oldest business in the area and we believe our adherence to these principles has contributed to our overwhelming success in the industry proudly being one of the most established funeral homes in the state and the oldest business in the area.


We are committed to providing a thoughtful and quality conscious service that is deeply respectful of the deceased and which offers a caring response to needs and desires of the family.