Phillips Funeral Home is known for our excellence in helping families gain valuable information on funeral pre-arrangement. We specialize in helping to educate people about the options that are available.


Benefits of Planning Ahead

Pre-planning a funeral and prearranging for payment of the costs ahead of time is a good idea for most people. Funeral pre-planning allows families to lock in today's pricing without having to pay more in the future for items that have been pre-arranged. A death in the family is always stressful, especially if the family has the added burden of planning the funeral at the time of death.


Benefits Include
1. Relieves your loved ones of the financial responsibility.
2. Ensures that your family and the funeral director know what kind of
    funeral you want.
3. Allows you to use convenient payments, if preferred.
4. Reduces the burden at the time of death.


How to Start to Plan Ahead
To begin the planning process, discuss your wishes with your family and the funeral home.

We are experts in pre-planning, and our family will assist you in every way possible.


In Person

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